Anne Parker

pronounced (Pronoun)

1. A food and prop stylist based in Portland, Oregon.

2. An international studies major with an unfathomable love of gorillas and Stephen Stills.

Originally from the coast range of Oregon, by way of a small town called Horton with only one store, Anne grew up fording flooded creeks with her sisters and driving tractors at age seven. By the time she was eight she was using a band-saw. Anne still employs much of her father's wood-working skills; she has built long wooden dining tables for the sharing of laughter and stories around a meal, and shelves to hold up small treasures. 

Graced with a habnab of Goodwill luck, Anne Parker can tell a Heath plate just from looking at the well-structured lip. She has the best recipes memorized, and can instruct you in how to make the most superlative aioli, or deftly recite the optimum way to make a Shochu cocktail involving ingredients plucked directly from her garden. Anne's style, uniquely, has elements of both the antique country home paired with an elegantly simple Japanese aesthetic derived from her world travels. As a native Oregonian, she makes an excellent tour guide, with knowledge of backdoor restaurants and recondite vintage stores hidden in her pocket of Portland lore. 

Chances are when you go somewhere with Anne Parker, people will remember you. 

When not constructing beautiful tabletops, Anne can be found snuggled in bed watching documentaries about the 70's, adventuring with friends, and taking her time to appreciate all the tiny details. 

This is Made by Anne Parker.

contact : anne [at] madebyanneparker [dot] com 


- Halley Roberts